Utex Industries, Inc. Successor Trust

Utex was founded on July 2, 1940 and was headquartered in Houston, Texas.  Utex Industries, Inc. provided sealing products and services, catering primarily to the oil extraction, natural gas, and water distribution markets. 

Utex filed its chapter 11 case on March 26, 2004.  Its Plan of Reorganization was confirmed and the Utex Industries Inc. Successor Trust (“UST”) became effective on August 6, 2004. 

As of February 1, 2019 the UST has received 3,859 claims and has paid $927,590.00 to 2,163 claimants, and the related Utex Collateral Trust has paid $3,389,689 to 1,002 claimants in Pre-bankruptcy Participation Claims settlements.

To find out more about UST, please contact Renda Evans at TSI (903) 453-2163.